Thursday, October 30, 2014

{September/October Review}

I'm back! It has been very hectic the past two months and unfortunately I don't really see it slowing down or stopping through the end of the year. Thankfully, I have been reminded that it is not my place to stress over things beyond my control. Just let it go. Below are the four best pics from my Instagram that represent my progression over the last few weeks.
TV Show I'm Loving | Hell's Kitchen - It is back and I love everything about this show.

New-to-Me Game Diamond Digger Saga - I got bored and stopped playing Candy Crush & Juice Cubes months ago. Then of course boredom happened again and I find myself downloading another game... this one. It's from the makers of Candy Crush, so you can kind of guess what this game it like. It is definitely holding my attention at the moment. And it is free.

New-to-Me Show | Call the Midwife - This show is a period drama set in the 1950s about a new midwife, working alongside some fellow midwives and nuns in East London. Not sure what brought me to this show but I enjoyed going through the first three seasons on Netflix.

Favorite Downloads | Great British Bake Off - As soon as I heard the show was back on, I went on a immediate search for the episodes for season 5. Love this show!
Inspector Lewis - What came as a complete surprise to me in October was to find this show had came back with a new season. If you follow this murder-mystery show (surprise surprise), you know the last season ends with one of the two main characters retiring and the other quitting. This season they are both back but there is a twist. After finding out the show had returned, I could not downloaded these episodes fast enough.

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