Sunday, September 7, 2014

{August Review}

Been gravitating towards spicy foods for some reason. General Tso chicken on the go. | Rainy saturday treat | haul | A little Death in Paradise for lunch | Finally cashing-in my birthday reward | Interrupting Shark Week to watch one of my favorite Robin Williams movies. | Little surprise on my birchbox this month. How did they know? | Love finding an unexpected coupon on my receipts | A Mountain Dew icee?!?! Amazing! | Monogram decals makes life so much better | I don't know where you've been my whole life, Dunkin Donut bowtie...but welcome. | ThrowBack Thursday: my younger-older brother and me

Favorite YouTube Video/Blog Post | Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube: I am not subscribed to Glozell's YouTube channel but her ice bucket challenge video has to be the best one I have seen so far. Hilarious! There is an edited clip of her video floating around everywhere but if you have not seen the full video, check it out here

TV Show I'm Loving | Shark Week: As always, Shark Week on the Discovery channel was great.

Favorite Shop (at the moment) | OhLaLaAli - Etsy Shop: Monogram decals makes life so much better... and this Etsy shop has some amazing ones. I discovered this shop through Instagram and quickly placed an order. There was a bit of trouble with the post office taking issue with my address and returning the package to the seller. However, the seller handled the situation perfectly... I could not have asked for a better response. I have already placed a second order.

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