Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{July Review}

A little "Yellow Whiz." | Usually hate spicy things, but completely obsessed with these chips. | "I only came here for the barbecue sauce." | Changing backgrounds to celebrate the holiday weekend. | Fun and games with my niece and nephew. | Discovering a new subscription box. | Birthday card... Thanks mom. | Kick-starting an early morning shopping session. | There is a first time for everything. | One of the best deals in town. | Marshmallow bed and church. | Found my name. | Epic oatmeal chocolate chuck cookie. | New addition to my family. | Rushed another Nature Box | Walgreen's Haul 

New To Me TV Shows | Broadchurch - I've been hearing different people talk/rave about this UK miniseries for months. All the episodes had been aired and people were still going on about it. This miniseries is essentially about two detectives trying to solve the murder of a young boy in a small seaside community. This month I finally got around to downloading the series and ended up watching all of the episodes in one day. Hooked. If you like a good whodunit, I challenge you to watch the first episode and not get hooked.

New Movie | The Grand Budapest Hotel - I'm not sure how describe this movie other than it is a hilariously off-beat and slightly dark tale that recounts the adventures of a "legendary" concierge and his lobby boy at a famous European hotel during wartimes. If you love very random/strange movies, this is the movie to see this year. Please check out the trailer.

Favorite Website (at the moment) | NatureBox - I am a little obsessed with this subscription service right now. This services provides health snack options which allows you to choose your snacks for each box... or you can allow yourself to be "surprised" and they will choose the snacks. The subscription starts out at $20 a month for 5 snack bags, with other box options for an additional cost. The two huge perks I find with this service is (1) you have the option to "skip a month" if you do not want the box that month and (2) if you can't wait until ship date for the next box, there is an option to "ship the next box as soon as possible." If you decide to try this box and you like pineapples, I recommend you add the Big Island Pineapple to your pantry on the site... trust me, you will not regret it. Also, the website usually offers 50% off your first box for new customers*.

*If you don't see the 50% off offer, do a quick search on YouTube for a NatureBox review and I'm sure you'll find a coupon code.