Sunday, July 6, 2014

{June Review}

Instagram Pic: Story of my life.

  • New To Me Shows | Bitten: Shock, horror. This is not a murder mystery show... per se. There is definitely some murders & some mysteries but it is more of a sci-fi show, which appeals to my love for crappy sci-fi/fantasy movies. This show centers around the first & only female werewolf and her struggle between basically trying to act human and being true to her pack. The way this pack/family is portrayed makes me think of them as the werewolf version of the Cullens, if they had a TV shows. Ups: The entire first season is available on Netflix. Downs: Rumor has it that there will be a season 2 but filming has not even started.
  • Special Events | World Cup: I love how far the US was able to get in the standings. However, to be honest, the Brazilian team is the reason why I started watching soccer years ago, so I do hope they win.
  • Apps I Loving | Walgreens App: I like to think of myself as a couponer. I take the time to cut coupons but more than half the time, I forget to bring them with me... or I do bring them but just forget to use them. The Walgreens app (or go on their website), it allows you to virtually clip/attach coupons to your Balance Rewards card (the store's discount card). When you checkout, make sure to you have your rewards card swiped and the coupons you've clipped will be automatically applied. Brilliant! No more having to keep up with paper coupons... and the coupon is still applied with in-store deals (unless restrictions apply, of course).

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