Thursday, May 22, 2014

{Bath and Body Works Online | Review}

In an attempt to slow way down on my shopping, I choose to limit my time in stores and the mall. So, it was at 8pm on a Sunday that I found out Bath and Body Works had their 3-wick candles on sale... and it was the last day of the sale. At this time of night on a Sunday, my local mall was closed and I just had to be apart of this 2 for $22 sale. Off to their website I went for the first time. I've not heard the best shipping reviews for their items... a lot of broken things going on. When I got to the site, they had an additional 20% off plus free shipping. Talk about meant to be. I only picked up 2 candles and 4 scentportables refills (I'm a little obsessed with the scent of lemons right now, hence the candle selection. And island margarita is my spring/summer car scent.)

My gosh, this has to be one of the best first time shopping experiences I have ever had online. Order was placed late on Sunday... shipped confirmation email on Monday... and the order was delivered before I got home from work on Wednesday. Amazing!! No broken items; it was extremely well packaged. Will definitely shop here again.

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