Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Tough Lent}

This Lenten season was a surprisingly hard one for me. Whew. And I had thought that giving up soda was hard. To explain: For lent this year, I give up YouTube and Twitter. I used to spend a kind of obscene amount of time watching YouTube videos and scrolling to through my twitter feed. Twitter was easy part. After about a week, I kind of forgot about Twitter all together. YouTube, well... Subscribed to over 100 channels + the YouTube app on my blu-ray player = almost completely replaced my TV watching. Over this period, I finally manged to bring myself back to watching some programs on TV. The mornings were hardest because I never truly found a replacement for the videos I used to watch. 

Now that Lent is over YouTube is back... but there has been some unexpected changes in my viewing. After just 40 days, it seems like my whole outlook has changed. Without realizing it, I had fallen into a rut with the channels I watched. Channels I used to find entertaining no longer hold my interest. And some of the channels I find them completely mind-numbing to watch now. Of course, there are some channels that are still holding strong and I thankful to be able to come back to those. Definitely time for a clear out.

Have you ever stopped watching something for awhile, only to come back to it and realize it is crap?

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