Thursday, April 3, 2014

{March Review}

A Monday | More egg rolls | 1st car wash in months | Why am I trying to give up sodas again? | Pre-spring coffee run | Amen! | 3rd Starbucks Ever... it was okay | Love a good tote | Always look forward to seeing this little Exit button at the end of a work day | Yes, it is a Jungle Juice | Weekday movie night | Comic book tees | Bright colored bags | Walgreen's haul | Take the pill, not the liquid | Solution to the coffee creamer thieves in my office.

Favorite Blogs/Youtubers | IHeart Organizing - As someone who excels in organized chaos, I am always drawn to people who are truly organized. 

TV Show I'm Loving | Castle - Yes, it is another crime drama but what can I say... it's my genre of choice. 

Online Shops | Zara - Spring happened this month. And Zara is my favorite place to go when I'm in "desperate need" of a new tote for the spring/summer. Love.

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