Thursday, February 27, 2014

{January/February Review}

These thin & crispy chips are everything! | I've crossed over to the dark-side with my new phone | A little obsessed with this tea | Trying out another subscription box | Cheese... yes! | NC Snowpocalypse 2014 | Sorting out some of my jewelry | A Go Cup lunch. | Rugby. I'm starting to like this... | One can never have too many egg rolls | February Birchbox | Loving this new bedding

Favorite Blogs/YouTubers | A Beautiful Mess - Blog: This site is seriously my first stop in the "Blogging World" when I'm in need of crafty/food/drink ideas. January and February always seems to fly by for me and it's nice to have a go to place for ideas.

Random Website/Post | Huffington Post - How to Get the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription: Things that make you go hmm. If you have Netflix (and you have other people using your account as well), this is a must read.

Online Shops | Best Buy - I love site-to-store stores!! Being able to shop online for the "online deals" and use coupon codes... then pick-up the severely discounted item in the store is awesome. When the speaker on my phone stopped working near the end of January, was my first stop. Every other site's offers got compared to theirs and, just like with my last two phones, their offer was the best... free. Less than 12 hours later, I had my new phone in hand. Love it!

App I'm Loving | MyFitnessPal - If you're on the hunt for a food diary app, then you should definitely try this FREE app. Answer a few quick questions and it gives you an estimate of the amount of calories you should be taking in... As you add entries to the diary, it counts down the calories remaining. You can also add any exercises done throughout the day. Two favorite parts of this app are: if you're eating out, it will pull the nutritional info from the restaurant's website; and you can scan the bar-codes on items to get the nutritional info.

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