Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{December Review}

Great fries, even better burgers. | Had a wonderful time at the company's Christmas party | Early Christmas presents for my shadow (aka my niece) | Super late present wrapping | Holiday buffet at work | Yet another holiday party.

Favorite Blogs/YouTubers | Sprinkle of Chatter - YouTube: There was a ton of YouTubers doing Vlogmas* this year but Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter has to be the best. Vlogmas is were people "vlog" or post videos everyday until Christmas Eve. Although Louise did not post everyday... or even most days, I found her to be the most genuine. Not to say that I valued vloggers that did posted everyday any less but, as always, Louise just seems more natural and "real" in her videos. (If you're confused, Sprinkle of Chatter is Louise's second YouTube channel. I like her main channel, Sprinkle of Glitter, just as much.)

New-to-Me Videos/Playlists | Project Library - YouTube: People have been talking about this series for a little while now but I finally got around to watching it in December... this series is hilarious. It's about... just watch it! Check out the trailer here and the playlist for the episodes here.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies | Almost Human - This show is set in the future where humans police officers in the LAPD are partnered up with androids. And, as the title suggests, the androids are quite life-like. I find the show entertaining... and the main character is played by Karl Urban... so, nuff said. The only downside is this show will probably be cancelled after the first season, given my track record with shows I like. You can check out the first 5 episodes on Hulu.

Apps/Games I’m Loving | Juice Cubes - Are you over Candy Crush and need a another game to past the time? I find this game to be extremely easy but no less addicting than Candy Crush. This game is currently free on Google Play.

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