Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{November Review}

This scented candle is perfect for putting you in the mood for Thanksgiving. | Bought my sister a drink from Dunkin' Donuts, then went for a quick drive around... what does this lead up to? Yep, me asking her for a favor. Ha! | Loving this nail polish in the shade 390 "Burgundy Flirt." Hating that it takes three thick coats to get the desired result. | I am kind of obsessed with hot tea right now. | Although no one else knows it's there, I love when the insides of boots/shoes have loud colors and prints. | 
I may have had to take down my niece to get this. I joke...

Favorite Blogs/YouTubers | Matters of Merrymaking - Blog: For some reason during the fall and winter, I get the strangest urges to wear dresses... and this blog has to be my go-to place to find practical dress inspiration.

New-to-Me Blogs/YouTubers | Sam Garrett - YouTube: Talk about one amazing musician... awesome voice. I am currently loving "Brave Beautiful Animals" and "I'm Alive". You can also find him on iTunes and Spotify.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies | Leverage - Although, I feel like the show did "jump the shark" in the 5th and final season... I love it! And to make matters even better, Netflix has added all five seasons to their Watch Instantly lineup.

Online Shops | H&M - With the closest store to me over an hour away, I love that H&M is now available online. I find their sizing to be quite a bit off when visiting the stores... but now that I know what I'm looking for, the online store is perfect. And they ship quite quickly given their shipping rate.

Random Website | RetailMeNot - This has been my go-to website for coupon codes for over two years now. I am a huge online shopper throughout the year but in November and December, I tend to visit this site an least twice a day... everyday. Oh, you thought this was a game?!? Ha!

Hope ya'll had an amazing Thanksgiving! Time to gear up for Christmas!

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