Thursday, November 21, 2013

{Party Dress Search}

Time has truly flown by this year and I find myself yet again in a last minute hunt for a dress to wear for the holidays this year. With only 2 weeks and 2 days until the first Christmas party I'm attending and my initial choice in dresses still "Temporarily Out of Stock" on the eShakti website... the pressure is on. If you can't tell by some of the dresses I have been drawn to online... I'm thinking some sort of lace this year.

Christmas Party 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

{October Review}

Well, that was a shorter trip over to WordPress than I thought it would be. Sorry for the back and forth, but I am back on Blogger for good. Here is the October Review I posted last Friday on WordPress.

Philippians 4:13 and Donut Shop coffee – my two must haves at 7:30am | New gold toned additions to my jewelry collection | I always become obsessed with 3 Musketeers when it gets cooler outside. I don’t know why… | Time to officially start shopping for a Christmas party dress. | Catching up with a childhood friend at Red Robins | The most absolutely random mega box from Influenster. Yep, random!

Favorite Blogs/YouTubers | Gabe & Babe TV – YouTube: Gabe and Chad are vloggers I’m subscribed to that decided to do Vlogtober this year… which means they vlogged everyday for the month of October. I like their random vlogs but I really enjoyed adding them to list of daily vloggers I watched this month.

New-to-Me Blogs/YouTubers | Ben Brown – YouTube: Yet another daily vlogger…I found this channel through FunForLouis daily vlogs. Ben and Louis are friends who spend quite a bit of time together, so it tends to be very interesting to see the same day from two different perspectives.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies | Face Off – I love reality/competition shows that are based on actually skills and talent.

Online Shops | Esty – I go through phases with Esty… and currently I am loving it. I tend to get lost for hours on this site.

Apps I’m Loving | Spotify – The Spotify app has been on my phone, laptop, and tablet for ages but for some reason I never used it. I’m not sure what I thought it was but once I came out from under the rock I’ve clearly been living under, I have become hooked. The perfect app for random music lovers.

Friday, November 8, 2013

{Made the Move...}

I have moved... over to Wordpress that is... for the moment. I've heard a lot of things about Wordpress and have finally decided to try it out for the rest of the year. The decision will be made in January whether I stay or go.
So, for the time being, come and check out!