Thursday, October 10, 2013

{September Review}

I know this is a little late but I thought I would share my photo and internet favorites from September.

Currently obsessed with Hot Tamales and Fuze Iced Tea (half tea / half lemonade) | Trying out a new face wash from Origins | One of the many items I've ordered from ASOS | Stocking up on the basics | Getting in my "something green" for the day. | New segment "I don't understand": I don't understand why guys wear skinny jeans/pants then trying to sag them??? Huh?

Favorite Blogs/YouTubers | Vivianna Does Makeup - Blog: While, she does makeup... she also does a lot of skincare... which I love.; DanIsNotOnFire - YouTube: He is hilarious... and his Human Interaction video describes, in less than 5 minutes, how I feel the vast majority of the time.

New-to-Me Blogs/YouTubers | sWooZie - YouTube: I found Adande's channel after watching this random YouTubers React video. He has some funny stories... and he is a christian. And his birthday is the same day as mine.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies | The Great British Bake Off - Of course we do not get this show in America but let's just say that the Internet can be a wonderful place... and some fabulous people upload each episode on Wednesdays, after it has aired on Tuesdays in England.

Online Shops | ASOS - After this blog post, I'm sure I do not need to go into why I am loving this shop.

Random Website | YouNow - This is a live streaming site which is basically like Ustream however here you have the option to "thumbs up" and give the person more time live... or "thumbs down" and kick them off. Very entertaining.

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