Sunday, August 11, 2013

{Life Lately}

1. Volunteering: Re-organizing one of the many food closets | 2. In a store dressing room. Say WHAT!?! | 3. Currently obsessed with Food Lion's deli chicken salad. | 4. On the scene of my mom's second car accident in less than a week... | 5. You can never go wrong with classic Lay's. | 6. Grabbing snacks before heading to the movie theater. | 7. Amazing how the same top in two different sizes can give you two completely different looks. | 8. SinfulShine in My Kryptonite. Note: This color will stain not only your nails but your fingers as well. | 9. You can never have too much carrot cake! | 10. Fave  artist of the summer: Anthony Evans. A playlist will be coming soon. | 11. Loving my new laptop but Windows 8 is really trying my patience. | 12. How random are the side items at Cook Out? | 13. Taco dip anyone? Recipe c/o my manager. | 14. My birthday bag this year is Zara's Braided Shopper. Can't wait for Fall. | 15. Note to self: Do not go into the Dollar Store on your lunch break. | 16. Preparing some items to list on eBay. 

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