Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer | Review}

What can I say about the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer? About two days before the Sugar n’ Spice VoxBox from Influenster arrived, I seen a commercial for the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer. After seeing that commercial, I doubted that it could be as easy as they made it seem... especially when your skins gets as ashy as mine does on the best of days. While I like the product, it does not seem to moisturize as deeply as my Vaseline Total Moisture Coca Radiant. And believe me, my skin requires as much moisture as possible.

That being said, this product is not a total fail for me. When packing for a quick 3 day trip to the beach recently, I made a last minute decision to add this Spray & Go to my weekender bag… to see how my friends go on with this moisturizer {they are of different races than me and they really like the Spray & Go, by the way}. Keeping in mind that this product is in a can, I toss it in with some almost completely frozen bottles of water and headed out to the beach. Okay, this moisturizer has become a must-have beach/pool item for me. Coming out of the water even ashier than usual due to the salt water and chlorine, this is really great to just spray on and look half-way presentable until you can get back to your hotel. Amazing! Living so close to the beach, I’ll definitely repurchase this Spray & Go moisturizer to keep in my beach bag for any last minute beach/pool trips.

*While I received these products complimentary from Influenster, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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