Sunday, March 17, 2013

{Life Lately via Phone Pics}

1. What's left of my product samples after making a few gift bags for a couple of friends. 2. Snowy weekends. 3. 'The Works' pizza from Papa Johns. All-time Fave! 4. February's Birchbox has to be the BEST box I've received since starting the subscription. 5. Cake Day! 6. There is no need for the assorted boxes of candy... Vanilla Cream only, please. 7. Quick OOTD - Jeans and Tank: Old Navy | Open knit Sweater: Khols. 8. My only purchase after spending a whole day walking around an open-air flea market. 9. Why do the new Pringles flavors have to be so tasty? 10. If you can't tell from the pic, that is a 7 cars pile-up that backed up traffic through the red light I was sitting at. I sat there for 10 minutes before police got cars moving again. 11. Starting to realize how necessary it is to have good work-out gear. 12. Looking for a sugary caffeine high? Try the Mocha Iced Coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. 13. Love that the company I work for participants in such great causes. 14. At the Go Red for women fashion show presented by the American Heart Association and Macy's. 15. One of the best samples in the fashion show gift bag.

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