Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Hard Times}

The last two weeks has been tough for me. I have just experienced the longest cold of my lifetime. About 10 days of nasal and chest congestion, sore throats, body aches and fevers... and I am still coughing a little at this point. Ugh! As tough as all of these symptoms have been, the sudden desire for a Dr. Pepper has become almost overwhelming. At the end of Lent last year, I made a sudden decision to give up all sodas for a year. It was difficult in the beginning because sodas are so readily available everywhere. After struggling the first few weeks, I had no problems with making healthier drink choices. (It also helped that I have very supportive family and friends who always made it a point to alternative drink options available for me... other than just water. Thank you!)
Now, however, it feels like I'm counting down the days of Lent so I can have the largest glass of Dr. Pepper ever! Maybe it's effects of being so very ill recently? Or maybe it's knowing that I am coming to the end of the soda ban? Either way, now I have another reason to be excited for Easter Sunday! I just gotta hold out until then... hard times...

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