Sunday, February 10, 2013

{10 Facts About Me}

1. I love LOVE large handbags.
2. I do not like seafood... of any kind.
3. My favorite color is black.
4. If I do not like a musician's personality or actions, I make it a point not to listen to ANY of their music.
5. I am a pen thief. If I have to sign a receipt at a restaurant, I usually take the pen... I'm trying to stop. Ha!
6. I hate almost all "reality" TV Shows and American Idol. I love Duck Dynasty though... Hilarious!!
7. Cigarettes smoke gives me the worst headache EVER! So thankful for the smoking ban in NC.
8. I am obsessed with Reese's Mini cups and white cheddar popcorn. (Not at the same time!)
9. I like to watch crappy Syfy movies while I'm on the Internet.
10. I have dyslexia. I have to concentrate the absolute most when I am reading numbers aloud in order to prevent inverting the numbers.

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