Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Hard Times}

The last two weeks has been tough for me. I have just experienced the longest cold of my lifetime. About 10 days of nasal and chest congestion, sore throats, body aches and fevers... and I am still coughing a little at this point. Ugh! As tough as all of these symptoms have been, the sudden desire for a Dr. Pepper has become almost overwhelming. At the end of Lent last year, I made a sudden decision to give up all sodas for a year. It was difficult in the beginning because sodas are so readily available everywhere. After struggling the first few weeks, I had no problems with making healthier drink choices. (It also helped that I have very supportive family and friends who always made it a point to alternative drink options available for me... other than just water. Thank you!)
Now, however, it feels like I'm counting down the days of Lent so I can have the largest glass of Dr. Pepper ever! Maybe it's effects of being so very ill recently? Or maybe it's knowing that I am coming to the end of the soda ban? Either way, now I have another reason to be excited for Easter Sunday! I just gotta hold out until then... hard times...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

{10 Facts About Me}

1. I love LOVE large handbags.
2. I do not like seafood... of any kind.
3. My favorite color is black.
4. If I do not like a musician's personality or actions, I make it a point not to listen to ANY of their music.
5. I am a pen thief. If I have to sign a receipt at a restaurant, I usually take the pen... I'm trying to stop. Ha!
6. I hate almost all "reality" TV Shows and American Idol. I love Duck Dynasty though... Hilarious!!
7. Cigarettes smoke gives me the worst headache EVER! So thankful for the smoking ban in NC.
8. I am obsessed with Reese's Mini cups and white cheddar popcorn. (Not at the same time!)
9. I like to watch crappy Syfy movies while I'm on the Internet.
10. I have dyslexia. I have to concentrate the absolute most when I am reading numbers aloud in order to prevent inverting the numbers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{Anyone Want a Nook HD?}

Since Christmas, I have been completely obsessed with the tablets currently on the market. The Kindles were quickly taken off of my short list of tablet due to the lack of a memory card slot. The first tablet I got was the 9.7" Leader from At first, I didn't quite know what to expect from these tablets... while this had every thing I wanted, it just felt quite heavy. It was so heavy that I could not image carrying in around in my bag. So, after a week I shipped it back. Thank God for HSN's return policy.

Next up was the 7" Nook HD. I figured if I got a tablet with a smaller screen it would be more manageable. (Let me just stop and mention how quickly Barnes and Noble shipped this tablet out. I selected the free shipping option and ended up getting this tablet the next day. Amazing!) This tablet is great for reading, surfing the Internet, playing games, watching videos... it seemed perfect at first. After having the 8GB Nook HD for a month, I realized I needed a tablet with more options. I did not realize, when I ordered, that I would not be able to play WVA videos which has become an absolute necessity for me.

Right now, I am playing the waiting game. Last week, I got a text from a friend that HSN has a 9.7" Marquis Tablet (with a free 4GB microSB)... which was the same price as the Nook HD. Knowing HSN's return policy already, I placed an order for the tablet. By now, I have had a lot more hands-on experience with different types of tablets, so I now know what to expect from the larger tablet. I got some amazing friends who have let me road test their Kindle, iPad, and Galaxy for a few days. I can not wait for it to get here! If your interested in the Marquis, check out a similar one here.

I think the Marquis is going to be just what I need... even if it is not, the Nook HD still has to go. So, anyone need a barely used 8GB 7" Smoke Nook HD, before I add it to my eBay store?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

{Not Really a Fan...}

I'm not really a fan of either team playing in the Super Bowl this year... however, I found this 49ers pep talk commercial very entertaining.

"Mining for victory!" HA!!