Sunday, January 13, 2013

{Holiday VoxBox 2012}

I have always been someone who likes hear/read a lot of reviews before buying things. When I first joined Influenster, thanks to a VoxBox review by Leslie on TheStyleSupreme, I knew this site would save me a lot of googling. is a place people come to not only share the good and not-so-good about products, but also news and experiences. Although, I was quite surprised to find I had qualified for a VoxBox so quickly, I could not have been more stoked to get it.
Here we go...

Kiss Nail Dress - Babydoll
Right out of the VoxBox, I loved the 3-D design on these nail stripes. While putting these stripes on all of my nails at the same time is not really my style, I thought they would be prefect on one nail with matching (or contrasting) nail polish. When I opened the package, these stripes had a terrible chemical smell. I'm not sure these stripes are meant for shorter nails because I had quite an issue filing off the excess. In the end, I had to cut off the excess. Note: I have very short nails. Once the stripe was applied and I had nail polish on the other nails, I was very happy with the finished results.

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine - 582 Nude York City
"It's pure pigment ingredients create a 3-D gloss effect while Vitamin E provides shine and moisture." On me, this lipshine turns out to be a glittery translucent gloss... which is perfect for everyday. 

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal -  Cherry Pistachio Oatmeal+ 
As someone who always carries packets of Oatmeal in my bag for breakfast during the work week, I am a huge fan of these cups. Great flavors. No need run around the office breakroom looking for a spare bowl or cup. Great!

Eboost - Pink Lemonade flavor
To be quite honest, I did not try this energy powder. I do not use energy powders, dietary supplements, or even drink energy drinks. My sister, however, does use all the of previously listed items and was happy to try this for me. She found this to be a tasty drink with not much of an aftertaste (which I hear the aftertaste is usually a problem she has with these kind of powders).

Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush
This brush was created to remove excess water, detangle and style your hair at the same time. While this brush did remove some water, I do not feel this is a must-have for people with hair as course as mine. Unfortunately, the bristles were not strong/hard enough to go through my hair. Note: I have thick chemically relaxed hair. My sister and mother have both tried this brush. While my sister's hair is similar to mine, my mom's hair is quite a bit thinner. They both had similar results.

Sole Society is a site that I was not very familiar prior to now. As a member of quite a few subscription service, I was not really interested in signing up for another one. Highlight for me: no membership fee! No remember to opt-out every month. So it took me less than a minute to sign-up. Any one who knows me knows I LOVE a good coupon code... and with $25 off my first purchase, it is making my purchasing decision difficult. There will be another post to come once I make a decision. 

Do you want to have some decisions to make too? Join me on Sole Society and feel free to use coupon code I'm using: INFLUENSTER25. Sharing is caring!

*While I received these products complimentary, the thoughts and opinions are my own... and my sister.

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