Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Extras | Christmas Songs}

{1. O Holy Night sung by David Phelps}

 Christmas is my favorite holiday. This time of year usually involves a lot of lounging around in hoodies, jeans, and fuzzy socks... which suits my introvert personality perfectly. This year there are so many Christmas themed events, meetings, and parties on my calendar that I'm starting to get a little concerned. Ha! Not really but I have a lot going on this year. I am very much in the Christmas spirit. However in order to motivate myself into getting ready for these events, Christmas music is an absolute necessity. Although some of the artists have changed over the years, these are my top five Christmas songs.

{2. Carol of the Bells sung by just about anyone}

{3. White Christmas sung by The Drifters}

{4. All I Want For Christmas is You sung by Mariah Carey}

{5. Mary Did You Know sung by just about anyone}

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