Sunday, November 11, 2012

{Extras | Life via Phone Pics}

1. My current soup obsession: Broccoli & Cheddar.
2. The 15 minutes of down-time my niece had at the Company Picnic.
3. Thank God we only got wind and a bit of rain from Hurricane Sandy.
4. Jason Ellis from Hell's Kitchen doing a guest appearance in Wal-Mart... random...
5. It has been ages since I've eaten kettle-cooked Salt & Vinegar chips. What a great reunion. 
6. Attended quite a few "home parties" over the last few weeks. From all the gifts I have received, the Lia Sophia gift has to be the best... I may actually order something...
7. Absolutely love the inexpensive flats at Rugged Warehouse. I wear flats almost everyday and I find these flats last an amazingly long time. If you can't read the sticker, these are $7.99... and yes, I bought them.
8. The search begins for a dress for the Company Christmas party.
9. 3 words: Discounted Halloween candy.

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