Sunday, October 14, 2012


{Music: From the Inside by Linkin Park. This band is on heavy rotation since finding them in the time capsule AKA the truck of my car last week.}

It never ceases to amaze me how a vast change in temperature for just one day can completely change my sleeping habits and how I dress. While during the Spring and Summer, about 6 hours of sleep is perfect for me. After one cold day, nothing less than 8 hours is needed to feel even half human for my early morning work schedule. As for clothing, nothing but my darker shades of clothing "look right" anymore. You how you just get that feeling when your standing in front of a mirror looking at your outfit? Well, any light colored even some grays pants, skirts and dresses just don't seem to work for me anymore. I'll put them on each morning with the good intention to finally wear them... but have yet to actually make it out of the door with them on.

{Nails: Wet Cement by Wet n' Wild.}

{TV Show: Sherlock. Love this show... I don't quite understand why there are only three episodes in each season but I can not wait for Season 3!}

{Food: Homemade Brownie Bites. Be forwarned... if you ask me to bring something to a party/event, this is what I'm going to bring. Be prepared.}

{Blog Post: Reuse your Candle Jars on Elle& . What a great idea!}

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