Thursday, September 13, 2012

{JustFab Review}

After hearing both the positives and negatives, I decided to join JustFab. What pushed me over the edge was Gabe Flowers' Summer/Birthday Haul, where she showed this amazing large blue tote called Caper... which I just had to have. So despite the negatives, I jumped over to the website to find a special that allowed 50% off for new members... which for me was a clear sign that it was just meant to be.
Ordered the bag, received it quickly, no problems... 
Until I came across the same problem as my other friends once I receive my first Picks. I logged in to the website to "skip the month" and what happens a few days later?? Yep, I was charged anyways. Needless to say, I was completely prepared to cancel the subscription. I called up JustFab and was totally blown away by their customer service. I work in customer service/support so I know how things can get from the Reps point of view... but the woman I spoke to was great. She was able to take care of everything so well that I am completely ready to give them a second chance.

These are the three bags I am deciding from now...
JustFab Picks

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