Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Extras | Stuck in Bed}

It's my own fault really. When I was sick about three weeks ago, I didn't really stop and take time to recover. I just continued going to work and hanging out, thinking this is just a product of now having allergies... this is what I now have to go through. I did think it might have gotten a little more serious but did not really dwell on it. After a day, it felt like I was better... that is until last Tuesday evening. It seemed like within an hour, I went from feeling fine to feeling horrible. I was able to "grin and bear it" for two day before I finally had to call-out sick from work on Friday... which I hate to do. Using Sick days as actual sick days SUCK! I much prefer to use my Sick days as "personal" days.

These are the five things that have kept me somewhat sane while being stuck in bed...

1. Kleenex Cool Touch tissues
2. Laptop - finally catching up on some blogs.
3. Phone - nuff said.
4. Theraful and Honey-Lemon Halls
5. Blu-ray player remote - connected to the Internet to watch YouTube, Netflix, etc.

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