Sunday, September 2, 2012

{Extras | Movie Faves... Still on VHS}

{Sgt. Bilko}

Yep, I still own a small collection of movies on VHS. They serve as a great reminder of the movies I still need to get on DVD or Blu-ray when I'm shopping online... although to date I have only managed to get two movies replaced. I have been told that I subconsciously do not want to replace these movies, seeing as I have had plenty of opportunities to replace most of them at a very low cost. And when I think about it, I may have to agree with them. There is nothing wrong with watching an old favorite on VHS... and yes, this does mean that I still have a VCR, which still works great... so there! Ha!

These five movies are off-beat comedies which fit perfectly with my sense of humor...

{My Cousin Vinny}

{Down Periscope}

{8 Heads in a Duffel Bag}

{My Fellow Americans}

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