Sunday, July 1, 2012

{Extras | Life via Phone Pics}

1. This ZARA Shopper Basket has become a life-saver over the last few weeks.
2. About as close to the colored-pants trend as I'm gonna get. / 3. Coach & Calvin Klein sunglasses cases at Marshalls.
4. Guilty Pleasure: Double Cheeseburger from Burger King.
5. 1 of 3 bags of clothes from a closet clean-out. / 6. The Salvation Army Donation Center.
7. Rediscovered how eating lunch al fresco mid-work week can really lift the mood.
8. Laptop crashed. Windows fail. / 9. Hours spent transferring the laptop hard drive to the external hard drive, before restoring the laptop back to the manufacturers setting.
10. Summer softball games.
11. & 12. Getting in on two trends: a bird printed dress/tunic and a gray sweater w/ neon pink stripes. 
I usually hate pink however I don't mind this one so much... it was on sale, so that could the reason. Ha.
13. A flat tire that resulted in getting a "hook-up" on the tire repair.
 I'm sure I have said it before but I love the car people in my life!

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