Sunday, July 29, 2012


{Music: Settle Down by No Doubt. So excited No Doubt is back with a new album. Love this song.}

With the weeks of summer flying by so quickly, I find there are quite a few things that makes me happy... or that I find inspiration in... or that I'm just completely obsessed with. These are just few things over the past 2 weeks that risen quickly to the top of my Favorites list.

{Nails: Ulta's Lucky Penny. Although it starts to chip after a day, it is still a great color & fast drying.}

{TV Show: Leverage. One of my top shows premiered their 5th season.}

{Food: BLT. If you have never had Smithfield's Butcher Cut bacon, then you really need to get some in your life right now... seriously, go now!}

{Blogger/Vlogger: Sprinkle of Glitter. Louise has to be the most entertaining Vloggers I've seen so
far. Hilarious and very down-to-earth.}

Sunday, July 15, 2012

{Extras | Birthday Edition}

{First round in the dressing room during a amazing shopping day.}

This past week has been amazing. So many entertaining, tasty and inspiring things have happened... these are just five courtesy of my phone's camera...

{The first one completely describes my drink habits, while the second one serves as a great reminder.}

{Returned to work after a few days off and what do I get? Turtle Cheesecake.
I have some great co-workers.}

{Empanadas and Queso from On The Border}

{Finally sorting out my necklace situation for a total of $3. Love when you can turn an idea into an awesome reality.}

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{My Block* | EBEW}

It's that time for Everybody Everywear again** and this month we are color blocking. I rarely ever set out to color block when getting dressed in the morning. I own so many basics and neutral prints that I can throw on any colored item and go. And it is really not until I have grabbed my bag & keys and take one last look in the mirror do I realize "I've color blocked, huh..."
Then I run out the door because I'm going to be late for work... which is typical for me. 

Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear

Sandals: Shoe Show | Pants: Bongo | Tank: Target | Cardigan: LB | Watch: Gift | Earrings: Icing

* This is a song by 2PAC. I blame my friend Jake for this old skool music reference... nothing but old skool rock and rap on the way to the golf course on Saturday. Yep, they are stuck in my head now.
** Everybody Everywear happens every month here. However, there are months that I don't participate when I feel the theme is a bit of a stretch for my taste.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

{The Official Start...}

...To Birthday Week!! While my birthday is on Tuesday, I have made a commitment to myself to get out and celebrate everyday this week. Which may be a bit of a task because usually I really can't be bothered with stuff like this.
We'll see...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

{What's in my Bag}

1. ZARA Shopper Basket. \\ 2. The People's Puzzler Book. \\ 3. Death of a Valentine by M.C. Beaton. \\ 4. Dial's NutriSkin for extra dry skin. \\ 5. Card/Money holder. \\ 6. Rosetti Clutch for running errands. \\ 7. Sunnies. \\ 8. Maybelline's Baby Lips in Peppermint. \\ 9. Elf's Super Glossy Lip Shine in Mauve Luxe. \\ 10. Stride's Whitemint Gum. \\ 11. Elf's Shine Eraser. \\ 12. Mini Light from my church's Christmas program. \\ 13. Profile black and red pens. Best. Pens. Ever. \\ 14. Nature Valley Trail Mix bar. \\ 15. Mini Tech bag. \ 15a. Earbuds. A must have. \ 15b. Phone charger. 

Not Pictured : Canon PowerShot camera it goes in the mini bag \\ Pantech phone \\ Tylenol Extra Strength Go-Pack just used it \\ Water Bottle \\ Keys I can't find them 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

{Extras | Life via Phone Pics}

1. This ZARA Shopper Basket has become a life-saver over the last few weeks.
2. About as close to the colored-pants trend as I'm gonna get. / 3. Coach & Calvin Klein sunglasses cases at Marshalls.
4. Guilty Pleasure: Double Cheeseburger from Burger King.
5. 1 of 3 bags of clothes from a closet clean-out. / 6. The Salvation Army Donation Center.
7. Rediscovered how eating lunch al fresco mid-work week can really lift the mood.
8. Laptop crashed. Windows fail. / 9. Hours spent transferring the laptop hard drive to the external hard drive, before restoring the laptop back to the manufacturers setting.
10. Summer softball games.
11. & 12. Getting in on two trends: a bird printed dress/tunic and a gray sweater w/ neon pink stripes. 
I usually hate pink however I don't mind this one so much... it was on sale, so that could the reason. Ha.
13. A flat tire that resulted in getting a "hook-up" on the tire repair.
 I'm sure I have said it before but I love the car people in my life!