Sunday, April 22, 2012


{Loving the new megalast polish by Wet n Wild. I have to say that they do actually last.}
{Colors: Club Havana, I Red a Good Book, Wet Cement}

There are only about 6 kids on the planet that I like at the moment. My 5-year-old niece happens to be at the top of that list, although spending the afternoon with her usually leaves me with a few new gray hairs. "Aunt Crystal Time" is usually spent with little-to-no structure or disciple... with a ton dash of sugar. Needless to say, my sister just can't seem to appreciate the food choices I let her daughter pick out right before she goes home, of course
Hmm... I think a honeybun and a bit of RedBull may be in order for the next visit...

{75% off Easter candy? Yes please.}

{My family loved these movies when I was growing up. Stoked to find this for only $10}

{A massive slice of deluxe pizza + a 32oz Icee = a perfect lunch for under 4 bucks}

{An amazing wrap bracelet from an amazing friend. Thanks Linda!}

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