Sunday, March 11, 2012

{Extras | Food}

{My lunch the majority of the week: Lunchables and Canada Dry ginger ale}

After a week of working through sickness, I thank God I'm finally on the mend. I have come to realize that I'm an absolute food snob when I don't feel well. Nothing less than certain specific food/drink items, like Canada Dry ginger ale or Food Lion chicken tenders, will do. While these items did their best and kept me as upbeat as possible during this work week, my final realization was that I should have just stayed home from work... Yep.

{Found my favorite popcorn at... wait for it... the Dollar Store.}

{My other soothing lunch option: chicken tenders and Powerade.}

{My go-to "in purse snack" while feeling under the weather.}

{White Chocolate Blueberry bread from Great Harvest c/o my manager. Leave it to her to add another item to my "must have while sick" list.}

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