Sunday, March 25, 2012


{A Beautiful Mess Blog: Bleach Painting on Textiles DIY}

I love when a lot of little things come together to make an awesome week. This past week and the next few upcoming weeks is bring a lot of change in my life both personal and business. I'm not the biggest fan of change I like my work-week routine. With everything going on, so many enjoyable things products, TV shows, food, etc. made all the changes a whole lot more tolerable. These are just five of the things currently making me happy.

{Monte Cristo Sandwich and happy hour at Aspen Creek}

{The Librarians... Love love love this show! Hilarious!!}

{Soft Twist Rods, where have you been all my life? Love.}

{Its Judy's Life YouTube channel... very entertaining.}

Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Extras | My Week in Phone Pics}

1. Bacon Cheeseburger w/ fries from Aspen Creek. I think you can tell how good a restaurant is by how good their burgers are. Aspen Creek: Two thumbs up.
2. A drink and an meal with a childhood friend... must do that more often.
3. The bright idea to remove the label from my coffee creamer, then put it into the office refrigerator. Hmm.. it seems like the office "refrigerator bandit" doesn't want to use the unlabeled creamer.
4. Pantene Relaxed & Natural has to be the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used! Gosh, I can't say enough great things about these products.
5. Added another black/white striped top to my closet... I know, I know, but it was on sale.
6. Loving these printed maxi dress from Rainbow.
7. Actually keeping to my gym schedule this week.
8. Received the 2nd shipment from Target this week, now waiting on some cheetah print flats1 online order being shipped in 3 parts. I kind of like when orders are shipped in multiple parts... it makes me feel like I'm getting surprise gift because by the time they come I have kind of forgotten that I have paid for them. Ha!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Not Easy Bein' Green | EBEW}

Flats: Route 66 | Pants: ON | Sweater: LYS | Earring: Body Central

Green: Everybody, Everywear
As soon as I heard that green was the theme for Everybody Everywear this month, this song immediately popped into my head. This song really does take me back to a time when things, including being green, were simpler.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

{Extras | Food}

{My lunch the majority of the week: Lunchables and Canada Dry ginger ale}

After a week of working through sickness, I thank God I'm finally on the mend. I have come to realize that I'm an absolute food snob when I don't feel well. Nothing less than certain specific food/drink items, like Canada Dry ginger ale or Food Lion chicken tenders, will do. While these items did their best and kept me as upbeat as possible during this work week, my final realization was that I should have just stayed home from work... Yep.

{Found my favorite popcorn at... wait for it... the Dollar Store.}

{My other soothing lunch option: chicken tenders and Powerade.}

{My go-to "in purse snack" while feeling under the weather.}

{White Chocolate Blueberry bread from Great Harvest c/o my manager. Leave it to her to add another item to my "must have while sick" list.}