Sunday, February 5, 2012


{The start of the 8-week ladies bible study at my church.}

A part of my 2012 Resolution was be more positive/optimistic. I have always known that God has my back  which is the reason I don't stress/worry over much but it is tough to be optimistic when pessimism comes naturally to you. Someone must have come in and had a drink because that glass is definitely half empty. Ha! In the last 5 weeks, I have found that being positive is pretty easy when everything is normal but one has to put in a real effort when things start going sideways. These are just five of the extras that are currently making me happy... thus making me a little more positive.

{Awesome camel colored sherpa-lined flats by Route 66}

{Super soft and warm open sweater from Lane Bryant. Love!}

{Oreos and 2% milk... Nuff said.} 

{Hearing my nephew call out to my sister for the first time... we all know he is trying to mama however he is  actually saying Num-Num. HA! I have totally started calling my sister that as well. Ha!}

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