Sunday, February 26, 2012

{Extras | Top Five Pins...This Week}

{love, Love, LOVE!!!}

I have been feeling unusually crafty this week resulting in more than a few trips to the multiple craft stores. Not being a crafty person by nature, this is definitely a strange new experience for me. The most current and awesome project I can't wait to start is... a customized phone case very similar to the above Pin. I am anxiously awaiting the end of the eBay auctions for the phone case and the owl. After checking out the craft stores and other stores that sale cheaper jewelry, eBay has to be the best place to find very low cost jewelry & phone cases that you will just end up taking apart. Can't wait...

{Chicken Bacon Noodle Casserole... what a perfect idea!}

{So true, so true}

{Great party idea: Cake Pop Fondue}


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