Saturday, December 24, 2011

{The Week Before Christmas}

*All pictures this week were taken on my phone.

*My Mom's Christmas tree... yep she waited until the 18th to have my brother pull out all her decorations and some how convinced me to put everything up.
*Delicious treats at work. Love the baked potatoes from Wendy... and the fact that they are on the dollar menu.
*I am sick to the point were I actually called-out sick from work...I never call-out from work. To quote every old person I know, "this is pneumonia weather" in NC. Two must haves: chicken both w/ noodles and Cool Touch Kleenex... if you haven't tried these Kleenex, you really need to get them in you life.

*I found this amazing treat sitting on the counter one day; my mom is so random and I can't describe how much I love that about her. While shopping for stocking stuffers for my niece & nephew, I came across this very odd book on CD Edgar & Ellen Tourist Trap by Charles Ogden. I was so odd that it was very interesting... I didn't buy it, but I'm definitely gonna check out reviews on the book.
*This is how two of my co-workers showed up on Tacky Christmas Sweater/Jeans Day. Ha! I, by the way, do not own a tacky Christmas, so I just took part in wearing jeans to work. My gift from my awesome manger. Business was so slow Friday afternoon, my amazing manager allowed me to leave work early.  I packed up and ran out of that building so fast that I left this ornament sitting at my desk. Ha.
*I brought in store bought cupcakes for my co-workers so they would have no fear of potentially catching what I have. Ha. This the pile of gifts that I still have to wrap... procrastinating.

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