Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Myrtle Beach + November = Relaxation & Shopping}

The calm before the storm that has been the last four weeks of my life...

*My scaled-down but still over packed bags for this long weekend trip.
*A random backwoods street in sketchy neighborhood while trying to find a bank... thanks Marilyn
*Parking permit for the parking deck.
*A rainy first day at the beach... we went shopping.

*Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort

*Inside the living room of our awesome 3 bedroom condo.
*An odd warning flyer from the resort advising us that there are non-guest "aggressively" handing out menus. Huh...
*One word: Outlets
*My amazing triple streakburger from Streak 'n Shake. {This was my first time ever eating there.}

*Good Morning!

*Super comfortable bed.
*Quiet morning....
*People started coming out and flying kites... made me immediately think of Mary Poppins.
*Love, love, love my fuzzy green socks... perfect for the cold weather.

*The view from my room... one of the three balconies we had.
*Mirrored ceiling elevator.
*Broadway at the Beach
*I really don't have a clue what these people were digging for but they were going to town.

*A bit of the relaxing/napping we did...
*Coastal Grand Mall... and more shopping.

*At Steak 'n Shake again... the guys weren't with us the first time we went.
*A bit of napping in the car... these guys could sleep just about anywhere.
*The view from the other side of the resort.
*My amazing Jack Daniels Streak and Garlic Parmesan potatoes from TGIFridays.

I got some major shopping done mostly for myself and was able to cross my niece off my Christmas shopping list. All in all it was a good trip... however it was during this trip that I received word that my mom had collapsed and was in ICU.....

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