Friday, December 30, 2011

{Christmas Stripes}

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas... and will have a happy safe New Year. My Christmas holiday was very enjoyable and relaxing... even the funeral I attended on Christmas Eve did not put a damper on the holiday. {She lived a long full life and knew Jesus as her personal Lord and savior. A poem from her sister stated it best that, "She'll be spending Christmas with Jesus this year."} Christmas Sunday was great! Church service only lasted an hour and we spent the time singing Christmas songs and listened to the Christmas story. I love my church and how casual/laid-back it is. Good times.

Shoes: Aloha Island | Pants: FB | Tanks: ON | Sweater: Attention | Necklace: Icing | Ring: Goody's

Sunday, December 25, 2011

{Extras| Christmas Movies}

{Scrooged: 1988}
{Hands-down my favorite Christmas movie.}

I love movies! My favorite movies are on heavy rotation throughout the year... and I do not discriminate against movies due to the genre they fall in. These are my all-time favorite Christmas themed movies. 
Having all these movies on dvd is a must when you're like me and want to watch a great movie in the middle of July.

{How the Grinch Stole Christmas: 1966}
{Loved this cartoon growing up}

{White Christmas: 1954}
{A classic. One of the few musicals I like.}

{Trapped in Paradise: 1994}
{This movie is absolutely hilarious. An inept heist movie set in a super small town with the nicest people ever.}

If you have not seen these movies, I am shocked and appalled. Ha! then you really need to get them in your life. 
Like right now.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

{The Week Before Christmas}

*All pictures this week were taken on my phone.

*My Mom's Christmas tree... yep she waited until the 18th to have my brother pull out all her decorations and some how convinced me to put everything up.
*Delicious treats at work. Love the baked potatoes from Wendy... and the fact that they are on the dollar menu.
*I am sick to the point were I actually called-out sick from work...I never call-out from work. To quote every old person I know, "this is pneumonia weather" in NC. Two must haves: chicken both w/ noodles and Cool Touch Kleenex... if you haven't tried these Kleenex, you really need to get them in you life.

*I found this amazing treat sitting on the counter one day; my mom is so random and I can't describe how much I love that about her. While shopping for stocking stuffers for my niece & nephew, I came across this very odd book on CD Edgar & Ellen Tourist Trap by Charles Ogden. I was so odd that it was very interesting... I didn't buy it, but I'm definitely gonna check out reviews on the book.
*This is how two of my co-workers showed up on Tacky Christmas Sweater/Jeans Day. Ha! I, by the way, do not own a tacky Christmas, so I just took part in wearing jeans to work. My gift from my awesome manger. Business was so slow Friday afternoon, my amazing manager allowed me to leave work early.  I packed up and ran out of that building so fast that I left this ornament sitting at my desk. Ha.
*I brought in store bought cupcakes for my co-workers so they would have no fear of potentially catching what I have. Ha. This the pile of gifts that I still have to wrap... procrastinating.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{The Company Christmas Party}

The company I work for puts on the most epic in my humble opinion Christmas party EVER. There is just something about going to an out-of-town resort with a free room in said resort, meeting co-workers from other branches/cities*, winning prizes and partying hard until late in the evening/early in the morning. This year's party had an 80s Prom theme and was held at The Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes... Welcome.
picture heavy.

 *The staff was amazing. Definitely topnotch.

*Loved the Bath and Body Works freebies. 

* Robes? Yes please. 

*Loved, Loved, Loved the extreme pillow-top mattress and super soft bedding.

*The gift bags were great, with the random 80s candy however the best parts were the free drink tickets c/o of two of our vendors, the bottle of Smartwater and the Advil. They knew exactly what we would need. Ha.

 *The entrance...


 *"It's electric. Boogie, woogie, woogie."

*Yep, that's my Long Island Iced Tea right there. The meal was good but the only salad dressing option was  bleu cheese, which I'm not a fan of. 

*Me, Sue, Teena

*By the end of the night, I had switched to vodka and cranberry juice**.
 All in all, it was a great night!

*I speak to the majority of my co-workers on the phone multiple times a day but with the different branches scattered across the state, I have never spoken to almost all of them face to face. The party provides a great opportunity to put a voice with a face.

**After my first Christmas party, I learned quickly that it is necessary for you to bring your own beverages to the hotel so that you can refresh your own drink. A person could go broke at these ritzy resorts. Ha!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Myrtle Beach + November = Relaxation & Shopping}

The calm before the storm that has been the last four weeks of my life...

*My scaled-down but still over packed bags for this long weekend trip.
*A random backwoods street in sketchy neighborhood while trying to find a bank... thanks Marilyn
*Parking permit for the parking deck.
*A rainy first day at the beach... we went shopping.

*Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort

*Inside the living room of our awesome 3 bedroom condo.
*An odd warning flyer from the resort advising us that there are non-guest "aggressively" handing out menus. Huh...
*One word: Outlets
*My amazing triple streakburger from Streak 'n Shake. {This was my first time ever eating there.}

*Good Morning!

*Super comfortable bed.
*Quiet morning....
*People started coming out and flying kites... made me immediately think of Mary Poppins.
*Love, love, love my fuzzy green socks... perfect for the cold weather.

*The view from my room... one of the three balconies we had.
*Mirrored ceiling elevator.
*Broadway at the Beach
*I really don't have a clue what these people were digging for but they were going to town.

*A bit of the relaxing/napping we did...
*Coastal Grand Mall... and more shopping.

*At Steak 'n Shake again... the guys weren't with us the first time we went.
*A bit of napping in the car... these guys could sleep just about anywhere.
*The view from the other side of the resort.
*My amazing Jack Daniels Streak and Garlic Parmesan potatoes from TGIFridays.

I got some major shopping done mostly for myself and was able to cross my niece off my Christmas shopping list. All in all it was a good trip... however it was during this trip that I received word that my mom had collapsed and was in ICU.....

Sunday, December 4, 2011


{Maybelline: Baby Lips}
{decided to try it after watching The Style Supreme's October faves}

The last 4 weeks for me have been stressful and tiring... however by the grace of God we have made it through. This week, the major thing I am thankful for/loving is my mom is out of the hospital, has completed inpatient rehab and is now at home... still making amazing progress. *happy dance* 
These others things are just the icing on top of an already awesome cake.

{Nature Valley Trail Mix Bars: Fruit & Nut}
{my current in-purse snack.... loving it!}

{A random gift from my 5-year-old niece.}

{Express: Love Express perfume}
{loving these rollerball perfumes right now... great way to test them w/o committing to a regular bottle}

{Want: Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag}
{this would be the perfect candy dish for my desk at work}