Sunday, November 13, 2011


{Delicious treats while at work}

Going back to work after a long weekend at the beach shopping is definitely tough. To make matters worse, my mom is in the hospital she is doing well... she got stepped down from ICU on Thursday.... needless to say, this weeks has been absolute crap. Only two things are needed for dealing with these situations: food and caffeine.

{Wolfgang Puck's K-Cup: Breakfast in Bed*}

{Granny Smith Candy Apple}

{Bailey's Coffee Creamer}

{1.25 Liter Coca-Cola... for 99 cents. Yes please.}

*I know, I know.... "I don't drink coffee." Well, I can no longer say that after this week. Late nights caused semi-major lapses of memory, resulting in no morning tea or soda. Stumbling into the break-room at work, the K-Cups are what greeted me.... and their caffeine was just too much to resist. With the addition of the Bailey's coffee creamer, I am a fan.

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