Monday, November 14, 2011

{Fall Weekend Outfits}

Every weekend of my favorite season, my outfits include some version of these three items: kicks, jeans & sweaters. Absolute comfort is the only thing I think about on the weekends. Love it.

Kicks: Pumas | Jeans: FB | Shirt and Tank: ON | Sweater: Gap | Necklace: Icing

Sunday, November 13, 2011


{Delicious treats while at work}

Going back to work after a long weekend at the beach shopping is definitely tough. To make matters worse, my mom is in the hospital she is doing well... she got stepped down from ICU on Thursday.... needless to say, this weeks has been absolute crap. Only two things are needed for dealing with these situations: food and caffeine.

{Wolfgang Puck's K-Cup: Breakfast in Bed*}

{Granny Smith Candy Apple}

{Bailey's Coffee Creamer}

{1.25 Liter Coca-Cola... for 99 cents. Yes please.}

*I know, I know.... "I don't drink coffee." Well, I can no longer say that after this week. Late nights caused semi-major lapses of memory, resulting in no morning tea or soda. Stumbling into the break-room at work, the K-Cups are what greeted me.... and their caffeine was just too much to resist. With the addition of the Bailey's coffee creamer, I am a fan.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Cold Weather Must Haves}

We, Southerners, do not handle the cold very well. Everyone has their own must haves in order to deal with it... these are mine.

{Fleece Pea Coat | Ross. Love pea coats!}

{Slouchy Knit Hat | Forever 21}

{American Eagle: Buckle Strap Cuff Boots | Payless}

{Hand-knitted Infinity Scarf | a coming soon Etsy store}

{Fuzzy Boot Slippers | Sock Sale}

There are still somethings that I need to get... gloves, PJs, etc. My friends and I have a beach vacation planned for next weekend aka an outlet-shopping-weekend, so I should have no problem getting everything on my list. And my Christmas list... my goal is to be completely done with my Christmas list before December. Fingers crossed.