Monday, October 3, 2011

{Fall Season Line-Up}

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I am absolutely loving the new fall season of shows this year. I don't watch any most of the popular/network shows. And don't get me started on shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Jersey Shore, Glee, etc.... UGH!
All of my shows have come back for a new season {STOKED!} and I have added a few new ones...

My Fall Line-Up:
Amazing Race: One of the few game/competition shows that I watch... religiously. I love the concept. It is an actual race against the other teams... not a popularity contest.
Tough Love: I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I watch this dating boot camp show... however I don't think its the worst show considering the other shows on TV. 
Stormchasers: For some strange reason, I love this show. I can't really explain it. *shrugs*
Terra Nova: This is one of the new shows. It is kind of like Stargate SG1 meets Land of the Lost. Not really sold on the first episode, but I'll give them one more episode to draw me in.
Hoarders: I'm speechless every time I watch this show.
Ridiculousness: Okay. So even though I have seen the majority of these viral videos already, Rob Dyrdek puts a funny spin on them.
NCIS: Completely my mom's fault that I watch this show and just about every other crime solving show I watch. Love it. 
Rachel Zoe Project: Another show that I can't really explain why I watch... but I do.
MythBusters: Enough said. Good stuff.
Criminal Minds: Another crime solving show. The new season is on but I'm still trying to catch up from the last one. 
Psych: This show is so hilarious that it is kind of unreal. The new season premieres Oct. 12th. 
TruTV Presents: World's Dumbest: Simply funny stuff.
Project Runway: This is kind of a filler show for me. I'm only really interested in the runway show and the judges decision at the end of each episode. 
Kitchen Nightmares: love, Love, LOVE this show.
Saturdays usual consist of an assortment of shows that I missed during the week.

Do you have your shows planned out yet?

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