Sunday, October 2, 2011


{Shower Gift for baby Aria Noelle}

As much as I don't really like all most children, Baby Shower gifts are, by far, the easiest gift for me to put together. 1. They are always gift baskets. & 2. They are always very practical. The only tough decision to make is which theme I should go with. For Baby Aria, it was "Tub Time." I mean really, what parent can't use head-to-toe baby body wash, baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder, baby q-tips or wash cloths at some point during their newborn child's life? It's not as if the kid is going to grow out of it. I do add little extras, {in this case, I added bath toys and a hooded bath towel} to bring the basket full circle. It can't be entirely serious
The kind of Baby Shower gift I like to give is things that can be stocked and used at the parents leisure. 

{Two amazing shades of nail polish. Sally Hansen: Steely Gaze & Sinful Colors: Savage (matte... yes!)}

{Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain.... Hilarious!!! Definitely a must see.}

{Haribo Gummi Candies. A must have whenever I go to the movie theatre.}

{Want: I really need some teal colored pants in my life.}

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