Sunday, August 28, 2011


{Wet n Wild FastDry: The Gold & the Beautiful}

Whenever my niece is at the house for more than 10 minutes, she always asks me to "paink" her nails. No amount of correcting has changed that 5-year-old's way of saying paint when referring to nail polish or having her nails painted. Her go-to nail polish of mine is Daddy's Girl by Sinful Colors; which happens to be dark purple w/ glitter. It is always purple with her, unless I have taken the time to paint my nails and she notices that it is a different color before she makes her request.
This is how our conversation usually goes: Aysha: Aunt Crystal, paink my nails. Me: What color? Aysha: This one! {Yes, that means that she has already snuck away, found the polish, brought it back and has been waiting for an opening to asks me to paint her nails.} I definitely have to keep an eye on her when she is at the house.

{Motions Oil Sheen}
{I haven't used this brand in years. I don't recall why I stopped using it but it is AMAZING!}

{Stride Gum: Whitemint... I'm just really diggin this favor right now.}

{Bath & Body Works Signature Vanillas: Apricot & Berry}
{Gotta love the Bath & Body Works Outlet}

{Want: Triple Buckle Boots}
{It should be noted that I ordered these boots this week. I can't wait for fall!}

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