Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Madame Blueberry}

This dress and the way I was feeling {terribly rundown/sick} made me immediately think of a song from one of my niece's Veggie Tales DVDs... Madame Blueberry. Ha! She's so blue, she don't know what to do. This song is about being thankful for what you have. And truthfully, I could have been a lot worse... so I am very thankful that what I had wasn't something that orange juice, Theraflu and a lot of rest could not take care of.

The video is at the end of this post for those of you who haven't seen it.

Flips: Rainbow| Dress: IF| Belt: SF

Sunday, August 28, 2011


{Wet n Wild FastDry: The Gold & the Beautiful}

Whenever my niece is at the house for more than 10 minutes, she always asks me to "paink" her nails. No amount of correcting has changed that 5-year-old's way of saying paint when referring to nail polish or having her nails painted. Her go-to nail polish of mine is Daddy's Girl by Sinful Colors; which happens to be dark purple w/ glitter. It is always purple with her, unless I have taken the time to paint my nails and she notices that it is a different color before she makes her request.
This is how our conversation usually goes: Aysha: Aunt Crystal, paink my nails. Me: What color? Aysha: This one! {Yes, that means that she has already snuck away, found the polish, brought it back and has been waiting for an opening to asks me to paint her nails.} I definitely have to keep an eye on her when she is at the house.

{Motions Oil Sheen}
{I haven't used this brand in years. I don't recall why I stopped using it but it is AMAZING!}

{Stride Gum: Whitemint... I'm just really diggin this favor right now.}

{Bath & Body Works Signature Vanillas: Apricot & Berry}
{Gotta love the Bath & Body Works Outlet}

{Want: Triple Buckle Boots}
{It should be noted that I ordered these boots this week. I can't wait for fall!}

Friday, August 26, 2011

{A Bright Stripey Day...}

...while NC prepares for Hurricane Irene.

Sandals: CT| Pants and Shirt: ON| Wooden Bangle: Avenue

Monday, August 22, 2011

{In My Personal Middle Earth...}

...the Uraki is no more! *happy dance*
*The Lord of the Rings references comes from watching all 3 movies during my recent vacation. We have spent the entire time since then quoting & referencing the movies. Great Fun!

Flats: FB| Capris: ???| Shirt: Avenue

Sunday, August 21, 2011


{Red Talbots Pants}

I have had an amazing week, which is pretty surprising since coming back to work after vacation is usually a major drag. It was filled with lots of surprises, realizations and great finds. The major find this week has to be the amazing above pictured pair of red pants, that have been on my "To Get List" for a while. These awesome new with tag pants were dirt-cheap... gotta love thrifing!
Retail cost: $66. Paid: $4.36. LOVE. IT.

{1 Month Disposable Air Optix Aqua Contacts}

{New Tripod--Picked up at a store closing... Great Price}

{Finally found my DG Sunglasses}

{Almond M&M's -- My All-Time Favorite}

Monday, August 15, 2011

{Great People/Location/Food=Great Vacation}

All I can say is that I had an amazing time. Pictures to come... quite a few to sort through.

Wedges (not seen): Avenue| Pants and Cardigan: ON| Shirt: H&M| Watch: Gift| Bangles: Too many stores to name

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Hmm... Pattern Mixing? | EBEW}

Once again... tardy! With very late packing and last minute changes to my vacation this week has resulted in me... umm... forgetting?... no, postponing things. Everybody Everywear's next challenge was Pattern Mixing that went down yesterday, which is something that I never do... or if I have, it was done without noticing the mix. 
Anyway, striped shirt and floral flats. Daring, I know. 
Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

Flats: LB| Shorts: ???| Shirt: Avenue

Monday, August 8, 2011

{Tardy for the Arm Party | BDIB}

Once again my procrastination has led to be me being late for something. This time it was the Bloggers Do It Better:: Arm Party hosted by Pretty Shiny Sparkly
*sigh*.... better luck next time.

Flips: Rainbow| Jeans and Cardigan: ON| Shirt: ???| Watch: Gift| Bangles: Mixture of too many places to name

Sunday, August 7, 2011


{ 2 Amazing Fabrics}

My issue with maxi dress is they are too short... well, for the look I'm going for anyway. They typically hit the ankle area however I'm looking for them to "dust the floor". My fix for this problem.... is to make my own maxi dress. With the help of Tiffany from A Reason To Be Fabulous' Le Sac Maxi Dress tutorial, I have made a blue dress already... and soon I'll have 2 more I got a great price on the above fabrics. It is such an easy tutorial that involves sewing 1 seam and hemming. SUPER EASY!! And this is coming from someone who is in no way domestically inclined. It took me about an hour to make it. Pictures to come.

{Raspberry Iced Tea half-frozen... slushy-like}

{New Tan & Black Print Dress}

{Want: Chevron-Stripe Tee}