Sunday, July 3, 2011

{June Closet Review}

This review includes outfits that I did wear this month however did not post.
My New Year's resolution to wear every item in my closet has been a very eye-opening experience so far. I have sooo many of the same items in my closet. Most of them are the same style , different colors...but there are a few that are the same color as well. For example: I have found that I own 6 short-sleeve henley shirts...1 purple, 1 yellow, 1 blue/gray and 3 white...3!!! How I came to have 3 of them, I don't doubt I got them at a ridiculously reduced price they are from Old Navy...which more that likely, they were having their 50% off the clearance price sale. That is when I usually get all my basics. And can you truly have too many white or black shirts? I would normally say no but these three on top of the other white shirts I own is kind of pushing it...I think...

*Extras will be back next week.

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