Monday, July 11, 2011

{Great Food and Great Service}

I have had a love/hate relationship with Olive Garden for a long time. Love: the food is great. Hate: the service has been terrible. I'm not a person to complain about a servers attitude, as long as the food is good. I show my displeasure in the tip I leave, when my dining experience is like that. Well, the decision was made to have an early lunch there after a super long hiatus and I was extremely happy with the whole experience. I don't know whether they have hired some new people or if it was just the beginning of the day for them they where still fresh but we had a great time. From being offered a beverage or a shot at 11:30am while waiting for my friend to show up... to the AMAZING new Carbonara Ravioli with Chicken... to awesomely attentive servers. Great! Great! Great! I will definitely be back...soon.

{Carbonara Ravioli with Chicken}

What I wore on my Birthday (Sunday)...
Wedges: Gift| Dress: Gift| Sweater: Target| Necklace: Icing| Bangle: Mixture of different sets

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