Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's needless to say that I love Hell's Kitchen. The new season started on Monday. Gordon Ramsey is great however the best part is the insanely crazy competing chefs. Anyone who knows anything about Gordon Ramsey knows that he is mean and has extremely high expectations... but these chefs come on the show and from the first moments start whining & complaining about Chef Ramsey. They act as though they have never seen the show before... or they don't know about Chef Ramsey reputation. The competing chefs are definitely cray-cray... and I enjoy watching it. Also, I love his Kitchen Nightmares show probably a little more than Hell's Kitchen... can't wait for the new season {Sept 23}.

{Brisk Sweet Tea}
{The caffeinated replacement for my usual soda, due to the multi-day sore-throat I've had} 

{Dial NutriSkin: Soothing}
{One word...Ah-Mazing!}

{Lay's Stax: Sour Cream & Onion}

{Want: Frends - The Coupe... True Black or Deep Teal}

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