Sunday, July 17, 2011


{Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon}
{A post-Birthday present}

The past couple of weeks have been kind of terrible for me... I don't really know what has changed but something has and I have been having a pretty tough time. The bright spots have been my weekends... there has been a lot of Birthdays to celebrate, cook-outs, and hanging-out going on. And with my people so spread out, it seems like I'm gonna be celebrating my Birthday the whole month of July and the first 2 weeks in August on the weekends, not that I mind... please continue THANKS GUYS! Ha! 
Although, now that I think about it, my weekdays could seem so horrible because my weekends have been so epic. Hmm...

{Thrifed Skirt*}

{Aside from the typical long wait... The No Hassle Process of Getting My License Renewed}
{And an awesome Supervisor for giving the okay to leave a little early to get in that long line}

{Sesame Chicken & Egg Rolls from my FAVORITE Chinese Restaurant: The Hong Kong Kitchen}

{Want: Burton Wheelie Double Deck or Wheelie Sub}

*I had quite the encounter when I picked up this skirt. I was just walking around the store not really looking for anything, just scanning the racks when I spotted this striped pattern. I picked it up, checked the size and just kind of looked up and around trying to decide if I wanted it. As I looked up a notice a woman semi power-walking in my direction. She comes over to me, gets really really close and proceeds to try and talk me out of getting this skirt.  Huh?!?! First of all, I have a serious problem with people, especially strangers, being in my personal space. Really people... if we don't have a relationship of some sort, then you have absolutely no need to be so close to me... my hearing is great! And secondly, after getting this woman to go away yeah, I was kind of mean......well she didn't need to be so close an employee tells me that this woman does this all the time. She doesn't actually  look through the racks, she just roams around the store looking at what others are getting then tries to talk them out of getting it. Come on, really?!?! In the words of one of my co-workers "I don't time!" Thanks Jaime. Ha.

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