Thursday, June 30, 2011

{The People's Movie Critic}

Flippers: Rainbow| Pants and Tanks: ON| Striped Shirt: ???

I'm a very picky person when it comes to the things I spend my time and money on. If the decision is made to go see a movie that is not at the $2 theater then I want to see something that I like. I do not discourage people from seeing certain movie or throw a hissy fit about the movie that was chosen. I just simply decline the invitation.
Life Lesson: "If you don't like what everyone else is going to see, then don't go."*
 I love that my friends know me well enough to know that by declining the movie invite I'm not trying to guilt them into seeing something else...they'll go on to the movie they choose which is usually a mainstream or romantic comedy
When I choose a movie to see, I have to check out what Lamar has to say. Lamar is "The People's Movie Critic" from the Bob and Sheri Show...and he is absolutely hilarious. He works for Budweiser and is from the south...which automatically gives him to 2 stamps of approval in my book. For him, a movie can rate any where from an ice-cold 12-pack of Bud to a hot Zima...or juice-boxes for kid movies. He'll also let you know if it will be worth it to buy the largest bucket of soda at the concession stand and run the risk of missing parts of the movie due to a restroom break. Breakdown: Great movie=Small don't want to miss anything. Lousy movie=Large're not gonna miss much.
I'm heading over to check his latest review to prep for the holiday weekend...I have two $4 Fandango tickets... c/o Groupon...that are burning a hole through my pocket. Ha!

* This life lesson was brought to you courtesy of my mother.

Huge Happy Birthday to my sister!!! The big 3-6 Tob!!! Ha!

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