Thursday, June 2, 2011

{A Non-Destination Memorial Day Weekend}

Wedges: Avenue| Pants and Tank: Old Navy| Cardigan: Lane Bryant| Bangles: Avenue

For the first time in a long time I did not have an out of town Memorial Day Weekend. No trips to the beach or to another amusement parks or parades. Don't get me wrong aside from getting sick on Monday I had a great weekend.

The Weekend Review:
  • Color-coded my closet. LOVING IT!!!
  • Went to a car show. This is not something I would normally do however I was invited & had a great time.
  • Watched Skyline. Umm, yeah. Click on Skyline and let it take you through to the movie spoiler if you wanna know what happened. This movie SUCKED!!! Please don't waste your time like I did...
  • Finally checked out the full album Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars...recommend by Bex from A Style Diary. Okay, I'm a fan.
  • Went to Barb's for a BBQ. More like a keg party. Ha!
  • Watched the full collection of Anne of Green Gables. I usually dislike sappy emotional, I-need-a-box-of-tissues kind of movies. As much as I hate these "chick-flicks"...I really love this movie and I don't really know why. 
  • Spent some time swapping stories with my sister...always a good time. Ha!
  • Got to eat some of Mrs. Glenna's home-cookin'. Loved it! I missed a dinner that she was catering on Saturday but was sent a plate. Love that woman!
  • Watched I am Number Four. It was okay I mean, if you have any imagination at all then you can image exactly how the story line goes. There were no surprises or twists & turns...and I really did not have to pay much attention in order to keep up. It was okay enough to kill some time between other plans...which is exactly what we used it for.
  • Ate pizza and hung out at Ana's. Her son and I have come a long way since the projectile debacle that went down at Red Robins a few months ago. I have to say that Jaben has officially been added to the very short list of children that I tolerate like. Including him, there are 5 kids on that list my niece and nephew are 2 of them. Ha!
  • Watched a few episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. For someone with my taste in TV shows, this is definitely a must see. If you like this show then you must watch the movie Snatch A hilariously off-colored comedy.
  • Whilst being very sick and needing to take a nap about every 2 hours on Monday, I scored some awesome videos, TV shows, and movies (downloads). Big thanks to my geek squad (Ha!) for the hook-up.
So, I didn't really do much this weekend. There was a lot of laughing, hanging out and food going on...which in my book always makes for a great time.

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