Friday, June 24, 2011

{I Thank You...}

Sandals: CT| Pants and Tank: ON| Shirt: Target

This is what I wearing when I found out that I was not gonna make it to work today.
So, I headed out to the car this morning with my lunch and a soda in hand a non-coffee drinker's morning caffeine, doing my normal practice  of psyching myself up in order to make it through a Friday at work. I get into the car...turn the key...the radio comes on but nothing else happens. Huh?!?! So I try it again you know, maybe I'm trippin but still the radio comes on but the engine doesn't turn over. What the?!?!?! This is the 1st issue I have had with this car, so naturally I sat there stunned for a few minutes. I then go back into the house and get on the phone. Of course, everyone that could help is at/going to work already...except for my mom and sister who were volunteering at Vacation Bible School this week and were beyond being contacted during that organized I had to wait which was very hard to do, by the way!

The cavalry showed up about mid-lunchtime. By this point, not even the radio would come on. There was a lot of discussions, praying and jump-starting going on. No joy. 

After explaining that the real battery is actually in the truck of the car, a remote battery is under the hood of the Chevy Cobalt. Don't ask because I can't explain. and finally tracking down the owner's manuel...there was a little progress make in the possible problem but still no joy with getting it to start.

With a lot more praying, discussions, reading the manuel, surfing the internet and a trip to Advance Auto...the issue is finally resolved. I am back in business!!! 
Please excuse the papers from all the random crap that normally resides in my truck.

God is sooo good!!! I only had to come out of pocket $120 Which is a very little amount considering; not charged for labor.
Huge THANKS to everyone! I am so blessed.

Car people...gotta LOVE them!!!!

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