Sunday, June 26, 2011


{Lucky Magazine}

Everyone has a side... my side is Coca-Cola. I just do not find Pepsi very tasty...there is just something about it that I can't explain. My family and the majority of the friends are Coke drinkers as well except for those few...and you know who you are which makes things pretty easy when we get together. I had a kind of tough time in college surrounded by all of those non-Coke drinking people. Ha. The best part of all this is they save their Coke Rewards codes for me. You see, every Coke product you get comes with a certain amount of points that can be saved up then cashed in. My people don't really drink enough soda to benefit from saving the points themselves, so they give them to me...which definitely adds up once everyone starts contributing. I use my points for magazine the above 1st issue of my new Lucky subscription. Yes! I currently have a script for Glamour and Cosmo as well.
If anyone has any Coke Reward codes inside the cap/box of ANY Coke product I am willing to take them off your hands.
Sharing is Caring. Ha.

{Childhood Favorite: Bomb Pop}

{Summer Sangria...Yes Please!}

{Getting dressed in the morning to find the shorts you're wearing are too big... Yeah! in my Lil Jon voice}

{Want: London Foldover Crossbody Bag}

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