Thursday, June 30, 2011

{The People's Movie Critic}

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I'm a very picky person when it comes to the things I spend my time and money on. If the decision is made to go see a movie that is not at the $2 theater then I want to see something that I like. I do not discourage people from seeing certain movie or throw a hissy fit about the movie that was chosen. I just simply decline the invitation.
Life Lesson: "If you don't like what everyone else is going to see, then don't go."*
 I love that my friends know me well enough to know that by declining the movie invite I'm not trying to guilt them into seeing something else...they'll go on to the movie they choose which is usually a mainstream or romantic comedy
When I choose a movie to see, I have to check out what Lamar has to say. Lamar is "The People's Movie Critic" from the Bob and Sheri Show...and he is absolutely hilarious. He works for Budweiser and is from the south...which automatically gives him to 2 stamps of approval in my book. For him, a movie can rate any where from an ice-cold 12-pack of Bud to a hot Zima...or juice-boxes for kid movies. He'll also let you know if it will be worth it to buy the largest bucket of soda at the concession stand and run the risk of missing parts of the movie due to a restroom break. Breakdown: Great movie=Small don't want to miss anything. Lousy movie=Large're not gonna miss much.
I'm heading over to check his latest review to prep for the holiday weekend...I have two $4 Fandango tickets... c/o Groupon...that are burning a hole through my pocket. Ha!

* This life lesson was brought to you courtesy of my mother.

Huge Happy Birthday to my sister!!! The big 3-6 Tob!!! Ha!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{If It's Free Than It's For Me}

We were blessed to have the very funny multi-talented singer/songwriter and pianist Gordon Mote in the house for service this morning. The title is a line from a story he told about getting free stuff...which I am totally gonna start using. Ha. What is so amazing about him is that from birth he is completely blind and has accomplished so much...from a very early age.
"[...] when Mote was just three years old, he surprised his parents when they heard beautiful piano music and found their young son sitting at the piano, playing “Jesus Loves Me” with both hands."
One Word: Inspiring 
{PS: The sun and giraffe on the stage are leftovers from Vacation Bible School that when down this past week.}
{The theme was "One Of A Kind Zoo"}

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{Lucky Magazine}

Everyone has a side... my side is Coca-Cola. I just do not find Pepsi very tasty...there is just something about it that I can't explain. My family and the majority of the friends are Coke drinkers as well except for those few...and you know who you are which makes things pretty easy when we get together. I had a kind of tough time in college surrounded by all of those non-Coke drinking people. Ha. The best part of all this is they save their Coke Rewards codes for me. You see, every Coke product you get comes with a certain amount of points that can be saved up then cashed in. My people don't really drink enough soda to benefit from saving the points themselves, so they give them to me...which definitely adds up once everyone starts contributing. I use my points for magazine the above 1st issue of my new Lucky subscription. Yes! I currently have a script for Glamour and Cosmo as well.
If anyone has any Coke Reward codes inside the cap/box of ANY Coke product I am willing to take them off your hands.
Sharing is Caring. Ha.

{Childhood Favorite: Bomb Pop}

{Summer Sangria...Yes Please!}

{Getting dressed in the morning to find the shorts you're wearing are too big... Yeah! in my Lil Jon voice}

{Want: London Foldover Crossbody Bag}

Friday, June 24, 2011

{I Thank You...}

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This is what I wearing when I found out that I was not gonna make it to work today.
So, I headed out to the car this morning with my lunch and a soda in hand a non-coffee drinker's morning caffeine, doing my normal practice  of psyching myself up in order to make it through a Friday at work. I get into the car...turn the key...the radio comes on but nothing else happens. Huh?!?! So I try it again you know, maybe I'm trippin but still the radio comes on but the engine doesn't turn over. What the?!?!?! This is the 1st issue I have had with this car, so naturally I sat there stunned for a few minutes. I then go back into the house and get on the phone. Of course, everyone that could help is at/going to work already...except for my mom and sister who were volunteering at Vacation Bible School this week and were beyond being contacted during that organized I had to wait which was very hard to do, by the way!

The cavalry showed up about mid-lunchtime. By this point, not even the radio would come on. There was a lot of discussions, praying and jump-starting going on. No joy. 

After explaining that the real battery is actually in the truck of the car, a remote battery is under the hood of the Chevy Cobalt. Don't ask because I can't explain. and finally tracking down the owner's manuel...there was a little progress make in the possible problem but still no joy with getting it to start.

With a lot more praying, discussions, reading the manuel, surfing the internet and a trip to Advance Auto...the issue is finally resolved. I am back in business!!! 
Please excuse the papers from all the random crap that normally resides in my truck.

God is sooo good!!! I only had to come out of pocket $120 Which is a very little amount considering; not charged for labor.
Huge THANKS to everyone! I am so blessed.

Car people...gotta LOVE them!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Hot in Herre}

So, yesterday evening we had massive thunderstorms rolling through the Sandhills...lots of thunder, lightning, rain and hail. My power went out long enough for me to spend a few minutes complaining then got the candles came back on and I was back to watching The Deadliest Catch. While thinking there was no major damage done, I got to work this morning to find the air conditioner in my department was fried. Sooo hoooottttt... particularly with a heat index of  about 101°F today. I think they got it working by the end of the day...we should be able to tell by tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
*Title Song: Hot in Herre by Nelly

What I wish I wore to work today...
Wedges: Avenue| Skirt: ON| Shirt: ???
*Sunday's OOTD

Sunday, June 19, 2011



I love sports and like to watch the games live/on TV...except for basketball which I despise in every form regardless of who is league or not. You name it and I have probably seen and enjoyed the game to some extent. However, there is just something about extreme sports that draws me in even more that regular sports. I think it is amount of talent it takes in order to pull off these sports...not to mention, it also takes a set of {insert your own word} the size of Africa to even thinking doing some of these things. I am simply amazed by most of them.
This was brought on by the Street League Stop 2 that went down this past week.

{Awesome Take-Out Food in Your Own Dishes}

{Thrifted Tote To Use for the Beach}

{Bojangles...nuff said}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{What Does Your Friends List Look Like?}

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So I was listening to The Matt and Ramona Show's podcast today when Ramona came across a very interesting article in Psychology Today...
by Jen Kim in Valley Girl With a Brain

SN: This article is for yall... The women that I actually call friends are epic people. The BEST of the BEST!
Love these chicks! Ha.
 "The Crazy B*****
We all know a crazy b****-- she's the one who screamed at you (and consequently defriended you) for purchasing a similar birthday cake to hers. In fact, the police caught her just as she was about to set fire to the bakery, which she also held responsible.
It's natural you want to save this friendship, because your pal started out sane. She was normal and happy once-- she didn't need to be sedated or tied up in a strait jacket. Her descent into insanity was gradual, hardly noticeable, until one day, she throws a bottle at your face, and suddenly, it hits you: She's flown over the cuckoo's nest! 
We often hope that these friends will revert back to normalcy, but unless they opt for counseling or therapy, chances are slim. Stop making yourself crazy and run far, far away from this friendship.
The Hypochondriac or Chronic Worrier
She's sure she has an STD, is most likely pregnant (with twins) and has at least 80 different allergies-- she's your friendly neighborhood hypochondriac.
For her, everything is the worst-case scenario, which means getting a hang nail means she'll have to amputate her finger or someone cutting her off on the freeway means she's the worst driver on the planet. You find that your friendship has devolved into soothing her outlandish fears and concerns and rubbing her back as you wait for another mental breakdown to occur, just two exits away.
While it's important to take care of your friends, the hypochondriac worrier just robs you of your emotional support, and what do you get in return? Conspiracy theories and a lot of trips to the pharmacy. It's time you write your own prescription and end this toxic relationship.
The Girl Who Has Everything
It's difficult not to despise the girl who has everything, because in addition to being gorgeous, rich, thin, fashionable and smart, she's also probably really nice (or great at pretending to be.) She might even be a princess, which really makes us want to kill her.
Once in a while, jealousy still rears her ugly little head and your lack of job, American Express Black Card and 7-series BMW becomes more and more apparent. Not only does her having everything affect yourself-worth, but it may also cause you to become critical (talk crap) of your friendship. If you can keep your emotions in check, then great for you, but if you're in a particularly less advantageous state of affairs, having this kind of friend may reiterate just how unfair life actually is.
The Party Girl a.k.a Most Likely to End Up in Jail
Channeling Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and the rest of the female Hollywood brat pack notorious for drunk driving, pouting for mugshots and having very little talent. These ladies are all versions of the party girl-- she's fun, pretty, gets into all the coolest parties, and for some miraculous reason, is still friends with you.
But wait. She's calling you from the police station at 3 a.m. to come bail you out, and it's your new Rory Becca dress that she spilled her fourth Red Bull vodka all over (without an apology). That's because the party girl doesn't care very much about anything but the party, and for her, maintaining a friendship simply means she has someone to enter or exit a party with. Bounce this fake friendship from the club and keep your finances and fashion intact.
The Copycat (*Bonus)
So, you're in the mood for a toasty grilled cheese sandwich. So is your friend. And a quick trip to the bank. What a coincidence, so is your friend. And an oil change. Yep. So is she. Meet the copycat-- she looks like an individual, but she is just a carbon copy of your opinions and preferences. Ask her what she wants to do, and she'll respond enthusiastically with her favorite phrase: "Whatever you want!"
The copycat loves your fashion sense, your boyfriend and your apartment, so don't be surprised if the next day she's got everything you have and is still calling you for advice on which laundry detergent to use.
The copycat can't help being a copycat, which is why ending this friendship can be particularly sad. She might be a victim of low self-esteem or have grown up a lemming-- whatever the case, it's difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who depends on you to make all of her life's decisions. Pull the plug on the copy machine and let her go."
Go ahead and check your friends list....Ha

Sunday, June 12, 2011


{Fantastic Homemade Food}

Extras is supposed to be a review of bits of inspiration/joy/achievements/wants from past week. It has been a while since I absolutely needed some bits of joy in my life if only to calm me down enough so that I would not do something rash. I make it a point to have a relaxing drama-free is unfortunate when I have to interaction with others that don't feel the same way they seem to thrive on the drama. I have to give a huge thanks to my friends and crappy as the week started, it ended on a very high note. Thank you! 

{Krispy Kreme Doughnuts...nuff said}

{My niece graduating from Head Start}
{2nd row...3rd from the left}

{64oz Avalanche w/ flavors...nuff said about this too}

{1st outside event of the Summer}
{We won 12 to 11. YES!!!}

Saturday, June 11, 2011

{We Remain Undefeated}

FCC my church Men's Softball team had their final game of the regular season this week. While the score was super close...we won the game against Temple Baptist--12 to 11 they scored the 12th run in the last ending. Our team went undefeated this season...Congrats!! 
On with the tournament...

{Praying at the end of the game.}

Full Disclosure: The baseball field is at my church...meaning we built it. That is part of the church in the background. We use it for a number of other things but one can't ignore the fact that FCC always has the home field advantage. However that advantage means nothing if the players aren't any good...and our players just so happen to be great!

Friday, June 10, 2011

{Birthday Decisions}

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My Birthday is a month away today July 10 and some decisions need to be made now. Beach trip or a short cruise. I've already decided to wait until the end of July or maybe even August to go on this trip. Hotels are so expensive when your birthday is 6 days after the 4th of July. I'm leaning more towards just a relaxing extended weekend at the beach.  So the choices are which beach...the Outer Banks, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC. I haven't completely ruled out a cruise yet...I just need a really cheap good deal to sway me in that direction. My plan is to make a definite decision this weekend. Hmm, a natural-born procrastinator planning a trip a month in advance...I'm gonna need some divine intervention. Ha!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

{Haters Gonna Hate}

The title is as much as I'm gonna say about what has been going on this week.
Romans 12:19...I gotta keep reminding myself of this.

I should be back to my usual self tomorrow...
Flippers: Rainbow| Pants and Shirt: ON| Bangles: Avenue

Monday, June 6, 2011

{In With The Spring/Summer Clothes...}

Wedges & Cardigan: Fashion Bug| Shorts: ???| Tanks: Old Navy| Bangles: Avenue| Necklace: ???

...And out with the winter clothes. I have re-worked my closet and packed away my winter I just need to con get someone to take my unwanted items down to the Salvation Army. 
Who wants to donate their time for a good cause?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


{Amazing Antique Furniture}

Murphy's Law: I put myself on a spending ban until my birthday...and come across some of the best deals ever this week. Well, I had no problem delaying this ban until next week. Some of the items I got have been on my "To Get" list for a long time. I'm too cheap for my own good sometimes. Ha! The deals were awesome and the haggling was ever better. I love family-owned store and little shops.

PS: My Pinterest Birthday Wish List...
{An Awesome Cheap Version of the Green Toms I want}

{New Photo-Editing Software}

{Blackberry Bourbon Sour}

Thursday, June 2, 2011

{A Non-Destination Memorial Day Weekend}

Wedges: Avenue| Pants and Tank: Old Navy| Cardigan: Lane Bryant| Bangles: Avenue

For the first time in a long time I did not have an out of town Memorial Day Weekend. No trips to the beach or to another amusement parks or parades. Don't get me wrong aside from getting sick on Monday I had a great weekend.

The Weekend Review:
  • Color-coded my closet. LOVING IT!!!
  • Went to a car show. This is not something I would normally do however I was invited & had a great time.
  • Watched Skyline. Umm, yeah. Click on Skyline and let it take you through to the movie spoiler if you wanna know what happened. This movie SUCKED!!! Please don't waste your time like I did...
  • Finally checked out the full album Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars...recommend by Bex from A Style Diary. Okay, I'm a fan.
  • Went to Barb's for a BBQ. More like a keg party. Ha!
  • Watched the full collection of Anne of Green Gables. I usually dislike sappy emotional, I-need-a-box-of-tissues kind of movies. As much as I hate these "chick-flicks"...I really love this movie and I don't really know why. 
  • Spent some time swapping stories with my sister...always a good time. Ha!
  • Got to eat some of Mrs. Glenna's home-cookin'. Loved it! I missed a dinner that she was catering on Saturday but was sent a plate. Love that woman!
  • Watched I am Number Four. It was okay I mean, if you have any imagination at all then you can image exactly how the story line goes. There were no surprises or twists & turns...and I really did not have to pay much attention in order to keep up. It was okay enough to kill some time between other plans...which is exactly what we used it for.
  • Ate pizza and hung out at Ana's. Her son and I have come a long way since the projectile debacle that went down at Red Robins a few months ago. I have to say that Jaben has officially been added to the very short list of children that I tolerate like. Including him, there are 5 kids on that list my niece and nephew are 2 of them. Ha!
  • Watched a few episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. For someone with my taste in TV shows, this is definitely a must see. If you like this show then you must watch the movie Snatch A hilariously off-colored comedy.
  • Whilst being very sick and needing to take a nap about every 2 hours on Monday, I scored some awesome videos, TV shows, and movies (downloads). Big thanks to my geek squad (Ha!) for the hook-up.
So, I didn't really do much this weekend. There was a lot of laughing, hanging out and food going on...which in my book always makes for a great time.